Switzer Ranch

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Welcome to the Switzer Ranch and Nature Reserve

We are a traditional ranch in the beautiful Sandhills of Nebraska that employs modern, cutting edge stewardship practices to conserve native prairie and the wildlife it supports. 

Our family has always believed that if you take care of the land, the land will take care of you. 

We strive to conserve the natural state of our ranch while maintaining its economic viability, thus enabling our children and grandchildren to continue to live and work on this land we treasure.  We also hope to educate others about the unique qualities and challenges that make the Sandhills special and why conserving them is so important.

The Switzer Ranch provides a variety of educational activities and packages that offer sought after access to this unparalleled landscape including ranch tours, guided birding and wildflower viewing opportunities, hiking trails, star gazing and awe-inspiring Sandhills scenery. Lodging and activities may be set up through our ranch headquarters, Calamus Outfitters.

You may also check out our partners who have made this site possible, The Guitar Junky and CuppaBean.